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About M. Rostropovich Charity and Support Foundation

Mstislav Rostropovich Charity and Support Foundation "Help For Lithuanian Children" was established under Maestro Rostropovich personal initiative on April 12, 2003.

Established in Lithuania, the Foundation currently supports art-gifted Lithuanian children. Many of them have successfully benefited from this support and realised their dreams to perform at the world's most prestigious halls together with world-famous orchestras and conductors, as well as being recognised among the best of their generation.

The Foundation promotes the development of children’s exceptional talents, as well as provides assistance to children suffering from rare, difficult-to-treat diseases. With the great involvement of its scholarship holders, The Foundation organises a unique annual charity event during which funds are being raised in order to donate for the necessary equipment, medicines and other matters of the VU Santariškės Children's Hospital.

In 2006 the Foundation became a co-founder of the public organisation “Nacionalinė moksleivių akademija”.

Maestro Rostropovich has been engaging in charitable activities for 25 years, donating significant part of proceeds received for his musical activities. Today the Foundation is continuing his ideas and activities with the contribution of various Lithuanian companies and personal support of sponsors.


About the fonder

Maestro Mstislav Rostropovich (1927 - 2007) was a world-famous cellist and conductor, human rights defender and philanthropist. His great talent has been recognised by many awards. His name is included in the "40 immortals" - the list of honorary members of the French Academy of Arts.

Maestro also gained worldwide recognition for his patronage and charity projects which he was involved in for 25 years. Most of his funds for musical activities he donated to various charity initiatives: to Armenia devastated by the earthquake, to the children's hospital in Moscow, to gifted children.

In 2003 based on Rostropovich’ personal initiative the Foundation "Help For Lithuanian Children” was established. Almost 70 young musicians from Lithuania had a unique opportunity to get to know Maestro personally and experience his care and invaluable insights as a mentor.

Everything that is related to Lithuania is dear and precious to me

M. Rostropovičius

Rostropovich's relations with Lithuania

"Everything that is related to Lithuania is dear and precious to me," - once Rostropovich said, reflecting his long friendship with Lithuanian musicians.

His close relation with Lithuania and it’s people was established in 1973, after conducting Puccini's opera “Tosca” at the Opera and Ballet Theatre in Vilnius. During the period of this close cooperation Rostropovich has given numerous concerts as a soloist and conductor with various Lithuanian music ensembles: National Symphony Orchestra, Lithuanian Chamber Orchestra, Kaunas State Choir and the Ballet troupe.

Together with Maestro, Lithuanian musicians performed at dozens of concerts not only in Lithuania but also in Austria, Slovenia, Italy, Germany, the USA, France, Spain, Switzerland and other countries.

In 1991, Rostropovich organised a charity concert in Spain in order to support Lithuania's independence and express his solidarity with people of Lithuania. After “January 13” resistance events, Maestro bought medicines and drugs for the affected citizens by donating his royalties worth 20 thousand German marks.

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